28" Lost x Carver Beanbag Surfskate Complete

28" Lost x Carver Beanbag Surfskate Complete

通常価格 ¥47,300

Length: 28"
Width: 10 1/8"
Wheelbase: 16"
Nose: 2 5/8" Tail: 6 5/8"

Truck Option: C7 or CX
Truck Color Option: Raw
Wheels: 68MM Mag Smoke 78A
Bearings: Built-In
Grip Tape: Lost Stringer
Hardware: Stainless Steel

An extreme ‘small board’ concept, this super-wide, super-short ‘double-ender’ is meant to maximize the surface area for your feet, improving rail control on what would otherwise be a very small mini.

CX 43,000円
C7 45,000円




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